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Private Training

You and only you.

Private Training: Services
Sit Ups



Your Private Training is developed as a partnership. We focus on your goals and work to achieve them. 

Our gym becomes your very own private space during your session to ensure that you have complete privacy while you exercise.

We specialise in ONE-TO-ONE private training for ALL abilities and ALL ages.

With an emphasis on boxing fitness. 

We appreciate that everyone is different and has different plans. This requires each individual to have their own programme to utilise to their benefit.

Typically our private training sessions last for one hour. There is also time set aside to discuss progression and what is working on your programme. With that said, we are here for you and will adapt as needed to different time frames and your requirements. 

Our private trainers are non-judgemental, confidential and willing to listen.

Pricing varies on the service you are looking for and we will work to your budget as best we can

One free session is also available for every full paying referral made. 

A discount of 15% will be applied for a block booking of 12 sessions and a discount of 10% for a block booking of 6 sessions.

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