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“I am thoroughly enjoying the fitness programme Cormac has developed for me. After five weeks, I see and feel the benefits. I appreciate Cormac's encouragement and interest in my overall wellbeing.”

Lisa A

"Cormac has helped to reinvigorate my enthusiasm for exercise. His programmes are varied and I love the boxing. Cannot recommend it enough!"

James E

I found my time training with Cormac to be positive and really helpful, I think he has an excellent set up, with all required equipment and I like the "feel" of the environment which I felt was in a relaxed, yet productive atmosphere.

Cormac's style is friendly and helpful and you can tell he is as keen for people he is training to reach their goals as they are!

Cormac will adjust his training to suit the individual and is keen to know what you want from the training/sessions in order to put together a tailored plan, he is also on hand to offer advice on general health & wellbeing including diet & nutrition.

All in all its a very positive experience that I would highly recommend.

Rob P

“These workouts helped improve my mental health better than anything else. It's like natural medication. I feel stronger and healthier than ever. I have never felt or looked better and it is all genuinely thanks to Blow FIT.”

Mary, 58

“The session have helped me gain a new confidence. I love that the gym is completely private so I can get on with my workout and not be bothered about anyone else”

Mark Hill

I like - the set up, intimate, no-one else around, no distractions, no clock, feels like you can really focus on the exercises

Also like the way sessions are mixed up and so varied and the fact you are monitoring fitness, you give good feedback and follow up with texts etc

First attracted me was locality, so easy to get to for me and really thought the photos looked great. Was a tiny put off by the whole boxing thing but the free initial taster session sold it. Also, its really easy to book sessions, you’re really flexible

Can’t think of any dislikes


Katie C

“Have gone from 95kg to 85kg in just over a month and am so into the boxing I'm considering a match!!.”


I like how much I'm pushed in training and that we do exercises I would never think to do myself. I always do the same stuff in the gym but no session with Cormac is ever the same. If I had the time I would come everyday!

Jenny H

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